"This One Needs A Kidney"

"This One Needs A Kidney"

Abby Zimet


Passage of the health reform package, with no public
option or single
payer coverage in sight, has left out in the cold alot of people used
to being there - including jazz musicians. But guitarist Calvin Keys and
trumpeter Eddie Gale have had enough. Next weekend they're holding the
second annual San Francisco Jazz Fest to raise money for a jazz
musicians' health care collective, to be run through the non-profit
California Jazz Foundation. Congress failed them, but they still have
Mother "Fight Like Hell for the Living" Jones.

"Being a musician myself, I got so tired of emergencies,"
Gale said.
"This one needs a heart transplant, this one needs a kidney. We just
to bury one of our great musicians last Christmas. He thought he was
having a hernia cause he played the saxophone and it was heavy to carry
around, but he must have had problems he didn't recognize. He died a
week later because he didn't have health insurance."

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