All God's Children Don't Send Grotesquely Racist Sexist Emails

All God's Children Don't Send Grotesquely Racist Sexist Emails

Abby Zimet

Despite his spirited defense - "I'm imperfect and it's all the
Democrats' fault" - Carl Paladino, Tea Party candidate for New York
governor, is evidently in trouble for his racist, pornographic,
bestiality-themed emails. Some (though not all) Tea Party leaders
disavowed him, an editorial called him the "Bigot
from Buffalo," NBC's Olbermann named him Worst Person in the World, and
GOP leaders disinvited him from a nine-county candidate forum, somewhat
brutally noting that, "Given the
circumstances, there is no chance Mr. Paladino will be
receiving our endorsement and it would therefore be a waste of time to
have him participating." The fascinating lesson here: There is actually
such a thing as going too far for Tea Partiers whose excesses have to
date seemed limitless. Graphic emails here, if
you can stomach  it. 

"Whatever you
think of the merits
of bestiality porn, this is a really, really, really bad
image for a political candidate."


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