No More Business As Usual

No More Business As Usual

Abby Zimet

The Velvet Revolution's,
a coalition of NGOs
dedicated to corporate and government accountability, has called for the
arrest of Massey CEO Don Blankenship for the deaths last week of 29
miners at a mine repeatedly cited for safety violations. They have also
called for Congress to investigate links between Massey and Chamber of
Commerce lobbyists who allowed the violations to go uncorrected.

"The convergence of the
Chamber's policies against regulation of workplace safety and the
disaster of mining coal without regard for the environmental impact
resulted in the death of 29 miners," said spokesman Kevin
Zeese. "This was not an accident, but rather the result of
deliberate and intentional decisions and actions of Don Blankenship, a director of the United States Chamber of Commerce. Mr.
Blankenship and Chamber CEO Tom Donohue
must be held accountable for these deaths."

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