A Grave and Dangerous Move

A Grave and Dangerous Move

Abby Zimet

Ten human rights organizations in Israel have issued an urgent appeal
to halt Tuesday's scheduled implementation of
two new military orders that would turn thousands of Palestinians in the
Occupied Territories into "inflitrators" who could be jailed or
expelled for not having a vaguely defined permit. The so-called orders
Regarding Prevention of Infiltration and Regarding Security Provisions
could spark a new conflagration and "give the world
clear-cut proof that Israel's aim is a
mass deportation
of Palestinians from the West Bank," charges a Ha'aretz editorial.

"The new orders make the right of those individuals - protected
residents under international law - to live in their homes, in their
land, subject to a vague permit regime which relies on the will of
the military commander. They create an alleged "legal" infrastructure
for the deportation of protected residents from the occupied
territory and enshrine a systematic regime of discrimination." -
from the letter by Israeli human rights organizations.

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