Skip the Soft Lights – Just Bring Them Home Alive

Skip the Soft Lights – Just Bring Them Home Alive

Abby Zimet

Marine Sgt. Frank World of Buffalo, N.Y. was
carried to a mortuary truck at Dover Air
Force Base on Easter Sunday. Sergeant World, who left behind a
wife, a 3-year-old
son and a 2-month-old daughter he had never met, was due home in two
months. - Luke Sharrett/The New York Times. 

to make of Dover Air Force Base's new $1.6 million Center for the
Families of the Fallen, with its soft lighting and earth-toned
furniture, or its new $4.5 million hotel and garden and meditation
center, all aimed at easing the grief of families as they receive
what is expected to be more and more dead bodies from Afghanistan?
Mothers' knees still buckle when they see the caskets of their children,
and most families are too stunned to even notice where they are.

"(It) looked like a mortuary, but
it was impressive," said Susan World-Missana, Sergeant World's mother.
"I mean, it was very nice. But due to the circumstances, I
don't think anything's going to matter."

Update: Congress is about to debate approving $33 billion more for Afghanistan. Go here to ask your representatives in Congress to consider the human cost of the war. 

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