God Could Do A Bit More Smacking, Please

God Could Do A Bit More Smacking, Please

Abby Zimet

Bearing signs that read "God Hates Your Tears" and Thank God for Dead
Miners," a few odious creeps from the Westboro Baptist Church turned up
in West Virginia to rant that the mine disaster was the work of an
avenging God, but they were overwhelmed
by several hundred peaceable demonstrators with way better signs
reading "I Love Everyone" and "God Hates Signs." One said they were
there "sending a strong message that we are a justice-loving people in
West Virginia" - as opposed, clearly, to the bigots from Topeka.  

"So God reached down and smacked one of those mines, killing 25... Now
you moan and wallow in
self-pity, and pour (sic) over the details of the dead rebels' lives,
pretending they're heroes."– the creeps from the Topeka so-called church


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