Cutting to the Chase

Cutting to the Chase

Abby Zimet

Obama's waffled grievously on too many substantive issues, but now
and then we see the sharp dry candor that appealed to so many way back
when - and that we wish he'd get back to. In an interview on his new nuclear policy with
ABC's slimey, clueless George Stephanopoulos, Obama was hilariously
dismissive on the subject of a pointless Sarah Palin critique that the
Washington Monthly's Steven Benen called "an idiotic quote from a dim-witted
former half-term governor of a small
state" – raising the real issue of why any so-called journalist would bring it up in the first place.

 "The last I checked, Sarah
Palin's not much of an expert on nuclear issues." - President Obama,
who showed remarkable restraint by not adding, "or any other issues."

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