Smoking While Arab

Smoking While Arab

Abby Zimet

Question: What does it take to set off a nationwide terror scare,
complete with F-16 fighter jets, Homeland Security, FBI and calls to the
president? Answer: A clueless young diplomat who needs a smoke - oh
yeah, and who happens to be Arabic. The goofy tale of Qatar
diplomat Mohammed Al-Madidi trying to sneak a smoke in the bathroom of a
United flight, and then making a shoe-bomb joke about it, is a classic
sign of the jittery times. You have to wonder: If he was old, white,
chubby and wearing a suit, would the same panic ensue?

"Getting on a U.S. flight, smoking a cigarette and making jokes
it is totally inappropriate and somebody from the Middle East should
understand that...Even being dumb, there are consequences for it." - GOP
Rep. Pete Hoekstra of Michigan.


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