Show, Shoot, Shout, Then Sip Some Tea with Us!

Show, Shoot, Shout, Then Sip Some Tea with Us!

Abby Zimet

Militia World: Some of the family in "family-friendly"

Okay, so the Hutaree militia got a little carried
away. This Saturday the "good" Michigan militia - which is feeling
defensive enough they devote the top half of their website
to stressing the FBI did not arrest them - is inviting everyone
to their "Open Carry Family Picnic and Tea Party" to "help take the
stigma out of the word 'militia.'" Come "exercise your rights and
skills" with a youth shoot, rifle range, handgun competition and family
picnic! Pistols only please!

well-armed citizenry is the
best form of Homeland Security and can better deter crime, invasion,
and tyranny.   If you

are a United States citizen (or have declared your intent to become
such) who
is capable of bearing arms, or supports the right to do so, then YOU ARE

Pretty in pink ... Morgana, 6

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