On Truth-Telling

On Truth-Telling

Abby Zimet

The survivors of those killed at their graves.

The horrific news on the NATO cover-up of atrocities in Afghanistan,
it should be noted, is largely the result of one old-fashioned reporter
doing an old-fashioned job the old-fashioned way - through obstinacy and
good reporting. Rather than taking the authorities' word on what
happened, Jerome Starkey of the U.K.'s Times went to the scene
and spent three days interviewing the survivors. He found an atrocity, a
cover-up, and an effort to get away with it. More from Starkey on the
importance of truth-telling for Rethink
and for Nieman

"NATO lies and unless we check them, they get away with it. If we
them, they attack us. It's unpleasant but important. There's no doubt in
my mind that we must continue to question what the soldiers want us to

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