A Marriage of Equals, For Better or Worse

A Marriage of Equals, For Better or Worse

Abby Zimet

Photo by Wonkette

Sound judgment, thy name is Michael Steele. Facing P.R., money and internal political problems in the wake of his latest fiasco – you know, that little lesbian-bondage-themed-strip-club incident – the embattled GOP chair has turned for fundraising help to a scumbag lobbyist who stole $70,000 meant to set up basebal fields for inner-city kids and was fined by the GOP for being too sleazy even for them. Steele has hired Neil Alpert, 31, as "special assistant for finance." That should solve everything – but just in case, Steele is also charging that all these people are saying mean things about him because he's, you know, black.

 "They both deserve each other." – mortgage loan officer Bill Starrels

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