We're Not Tired, Actually

We're Not Tired, Actually

Abby Zimet

It's hard to name the most distressing element of Obama's decision to open up off-shore drilling for
gas and oil along the Atlantic coast after a 25-year moratorium. Is it
his apparent willingness to bargain away the environment to placate oil
companies opposed to the climate change bill? Is it his betrayal of an
oft-stated campaign stance? Or is it his diminishing the real issue,
backed by real science, by equating
corporate interests with environmentalists, conjuring up two petty
political enemies fighting "the same old battles"?

"Ultimately, we need to move beyond the tired
debates between right and left, between business leaders and
environmentalists, between those who would claim drilling is a cure all
and those who would claim it has no place. Because this issue is just
too important to allow our progress to languish while we fight the same
old battles over and over again."

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