Let My People Go, and Other People Too

Let My People Go, and Other People Too

Abby Zimet


Tonight is the start of Passover, marking the liberation of the Jews
from slavery and oppression. For Jews pained by the ongoing oppression
of Palestinians by the descendants of those who had to flee their own
oppression, it is a difficult holiday to celebrate. In Mondoweiss,
Philip Weiss struggles with "the hard hard selfishness of
my people." And in Haaretz, Akiva Eldar warns that "one of the harshest of the 10
plagues has smitten the children of Israel" - darkness.

"I don't think we
know what Enough means.
We've been badly hurt, dispossessed. It explains
the failure to be satisfied with 80 percent of a piece of land that the
world in a fit of guiltridden generosity said you could have half
of...We're alive, we have power - to change history, to change our
to change ourselves. We don't have to throw out all the old songs." -

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