All Further Articles for 2010-03-25

Thursday, March 25, 2010
On "This Foolishness": Silence Gives Consent
The health care insanity has made it clear, if it wasn't before, that there are alot of angry, unbalanced, ill-informed people abroad in a land whose changes they feel powerless to stop. Hence, the cut gas lines, faxed nooses, calls for snipers and warnings that "rifles are being cleaned." These guys are scary. Are these guys dangerous? That depends, as with a kid throwing a tantrum, on the response . "I have seen this before," said House Majority Whip Jim Clyburn. "These kinds of things happen when people in positions of authority do not do what they can do to tamp this down...We are giving aid and comfort to these people."
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Like A Reporter, Only With A Camera
Jim Marshall, known to many as the rock 'n' roll photographer, died suddenly in New York Tuesday night. Known for his access to and portraits of musical greats from Dylan to Chuck Berry to Miles Davis, Marshall shot his subjects both onstage in their glory and offstage in unguarded moments. He was 74. Happily, the pictures live on.
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