Taking the Heat

Taking the Heat

Abby Zimet

Never one for understatement, the GOP has gotten downright
hysterical in the wake of "the Pelosi health care takeover," with the
House Speaker herself winning the scapegoat sweepstakes. The RNC's new
fundraising pitch
to fire Pelosi shows her burning in the fires of Hell - an ad Michael
Steele says he "tamed down," leading us to wonder what it showed
before. Alas, their campaign for "No More Madam (sic) Speaker" has
already raised over a million bucks; these people are rich if not bright. For more, from Pelosi pinatas to
(scrapped) plans to burn her in effigy, go here.

"In response to President Obama signing this monstrous
bill, the RNC is extending the Fire Pelosi Money Bomb for an extra 24
hours...(to help) bring Nancy Pelosi's iron-fisted reign to an end." – fundraising email from Steele.

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