Blood "Sport"

Blood "Sport"

Abby Zimet

In a questionable rite of spring, Alaska's Dept. of Fish and Game
last week resumed shooting wolves from helicopters as part of its
so-called predator control program, but promptly sparked criticism by wiping out
a pack that included wolves collared for research by the park service.
The "hunt" is aimed at killing almost 200 of an estimated 300 wolves in
five areas, ostensibly to help out moose and caribou. Still, enough
people think it's less than sporting to pick off wolves from the air
that the department plans to spend $100,000 on a P.R. video to counter "misunderstandings" about the program. Gee, that should help.

"We're not
trying to make a big commercial to get people to like predator control.
But we want people to understand that wolves are not almost extinct in
Alaska, there are lots of wolves in Alaska, and this is how it works."
- Fish and Game spokesman.

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