Our Better Angels, Though Just Barely

Our Better Angels, Though Just Barely

Abby Zimet

The health reform bill passed by the House, as many have noted,
is lousy, but still a start. It's also a victory - again, albeit a
profoundly imperfect one, given what was going on at the Tea Party
protests - for reason and our better angels, argues Paul Krugman. He
cites the appalling cynicism of the argument made by Newt Gingrich that
health reform is as bad as civil rights legislation in its day, a
comment few seemed to notice. Fear lost, this time. Not without a
struggle, though. If you didn't have the stomach to watch the whole
debate, Huff Post has assembled a ten-minute version of the insanity here.

"The emotional core of opposition to reform was blatant
fear-mongering, unconstrained either by the facts or by any sense of
decency." - Paul Krugman.

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