Exposing the Excretions of the Entitled Class

Exposing the Excretions of the Entitled Class

Abby Zimet

The Vile Plutocrat,
an anti-rich screed born of the Bernie Madoff scandal, won the blogging
award for sites that "revolutionize the power of publishing" at
Sunday's South by Southwest Interactive Conference. A creation of the
Atlanta-based 16 Toads Design, the site offers reporting on the misdeeds of the rich and an array of features, including
Vile People, Vile Schwag, Spewing Bile and Greedy Bastard of the Month.

"The Vile Plutcrat has a single purpose: To keep track of
those individuals whose implacable greed poisons the societies that
made them wealthy...The Vile Plutocrat is the steel-toe boot in the ass of entitlement."


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