What Would Jesus Do?

What Would Jesus Do?

Abby Zimet

Protesters showed up this weekend in response to the unsacred decision by a Catholic school in Boulder, Colo. not to let a pre-schooler into kindergarten next year because the kid has – gasp – lesbian parents. The Archdiocese even had the chutzpah to blame the parents for straying so far from "goodness and truth," which isn't quite consigning them to the fires of Hell but sure seems to come close.

"Parents living in open discord with Catholic
teaching in areas of faith and morals unfortunately choose by their
actions to disqualify their children from enrollment...Glossing over differences on essential matters, and pretending that crucial issues are irrelevant, is not tolerance. It is relativism, meaning that nothingis important anymore and everyone can have their own interpretation of what is goodness and truth.
This kind of tolerance...seeks to separate all moral discourse from public life."

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