Out of the Corporation, Into the Wing-Nuttery

Out of the Corporation, Into the Wing-Nuttery

Abby Zimet

With Socialists running rampant in D.C. these days, an increasing number of right-wingers
in Indiana and elsewhere are declaring themselves "sovereign citizens."
That means their homes are embassies, they don't have to pay taxes, and
when the police stop them they can flash a cool little badge that says
they're "diplomats." They say they draw their beliefs from the
Constitution and the Bible, though it's unclear where it says in there that
people don't have to use state-issued license plates. More from the Southern Poverty Law Center.

"We are people who love
our organic United States of America, the way it was found and meant to
be, and are trying to preserve that," said Brad Henry, who sure sounds
like he's talking about not wanting any of those pesky blacks or Jews
or immigrants or gay people around, doesn't he?

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