Cleaning Up

Cleaning Up

Abby Zimet

Gross Inequity Dept: U.S. Bank CEO Richard
Davis just won an "Executive of the Year" award from a Minneapolis
business journal even as Rosalina Gavilan Gomez, the janitor who cleans
his office, fights for her home - which was bought in foreclosure by,
yes, U.S. Bank. Gomez made $26,000 last year. Davis made $6.7 million,
and his parent company U.S. Bancorp got a $6.6 billion bailout. More from the SEIU, which has been campaigning for Gomez and other area janitors to get a better contract.

"For his stalwart commitment to solid banking principles...his plans to leverage
U.S. Bank's new-found star status to launch the company further ahead
of its competitors and the easy transformation of this former teller as
a national spokesman for the banking industry, the Minneapolis/St. Paul
Business Journal names Richard Davis its Executive of the Year."


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