"Pro-Life" But Whose?

"Pro-Life" But Whose?

Abby Zimet

This weekend a Texas pregnancy center honored George
Bush - with $2,500 tables, yet - for all the "lives (that) were
protected by your fearless pro-life efforts." But after he got an earlier so-called pro-life award, some fearless Catholics argued, entirely sensibly, you might have to consider the rights of the born, not just the unborn.

"While the former president spoke eloquently about the sacred
dignity of life, as governor of Texas his state led the nation in
executions. His presidency is remembered for a legacy that often undermined lofty
rhetorical appeals to human dignity. Preemptive war, torture, a
reckless disregard for the environment and economic policies that left
the poor farther behind even as the wealthy grew more prosperous is not
a proud record in defense of life."

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