Latte Grande, Hold the Ammo

Latte Grande, Hold the Ammo

Abby Zimet

Gun-lovers are getting ever more aggressive,
fired up by a Starbucks policy allowing them to brandish their beloved
"tools of defence" while getting coffee and muffins. They're
particularly active in California, where Open Carry advocates applaud
Starbucks for "not requiring law abiding gun owners to go to the back
of the bus." The Brady campaign is not fond of the analogy. To sign
their petition suggesting you don't need a gun to get over-priced
coffee, go here.

you want to dress up and go out and make a little political theater by
frightening children in the local Starbucks, go right ahead," said
Peter Hamm, a Brady spokesman. "But going out and wearing a gun on your
belt to
show the world you're allowed to is a little juvenile."


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