All Further Articles for 2010-02-16

Tuesday, February 16, 2010
This Is The House
From Flint, Mich. via The Seminal : This is the house which burned to the ground, killing the children inside it. This is the fire station which would have answered the call faster, if only it were still open. This is the budget crisis which hasn't been solved, which reduced the funding for community safety, shutting down fire stations...
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Glenn Beck vs. Bob the Wonder Poodle
Comic Relief Dept: A Facebook group is trying to collect more fans for Bob, the Tin-Foil-Hat-Wearing Wonder Poodle, than Glenn Beck. Bob has 149,034 fans, with the numbers climbing fast. We don't know Beck's numbers. We also don't know what this proves, except a. Alot of people have too much time on their hands. b. Alot of people don't like Beck. In fact, his 103rd sponsor just dropped him.
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No Place For That
The Nashville community has rallied in support of area Muslims after vandals defaced a local mosque in the wake of an infllammatory report by a local news station. People showed up to denounce the hate-mongering, clean up the "Muslims go home" graffiti, and attend an open house for a crash course on Islam. "Our neighbors are our neighbors." – Salaad Nur of the Al-Farooq Mosque.
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Foot in Racist Mouth
Fox News host Steve Doocy backtracked, sort of, after suggesting that all potential terrorists "look alike," presumably because they aren't pasty-faced white guys like him. He can't tell the difference between an African and a British-Jamaican, but no, we don't do racial profiling. "When you think about it, for the most part, all of the people who try to blow airliners out of the sky look alike."
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Political Prairie Fire
How cool is this: The success of the country's only socialist bank, born of the 1915 radical workers' and farmers' insurgency known as the Nonpartisan League, may serve as a model for states struggling with the economic crisis. The state-owned Bank of North Dakota, the brainchild of a failed flax farmer and Socialist organizer, offers cheap loans to farmers, students and businesses – and is doing just fine, thanks. "In my experience, you make a contact with the (Bank of North Dakota), and their question is, 'How do we get this done? They're not looking at ways to knock it down."
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