Law Enforcement's "Prevention Awareness," a.k.a. Watch Your Back

Law Enforcement's "Prevention Awareness," a.k.a. Watch Your Back

Abby Zimet

The Super Bowl went off without a security hitch thanks to Miami's high-tech Fusion Center,
one of the country's 100-plus collaborations between local police and
counter-terrorism experts aimed at collecting "actionable data" and
thus foiling terrorist activity. But the fusion centers, which have grown post-9/11 from about 40 to an estimated 112, pose a few
problems. One in Ohio, which has cost $2 million in federal funding, doesn't seem to do anything. One in Texas
has spent its time, despite "no specific intelligence," targeting
Muslims and peace activists. And oh yeah, the ACLU says much of what
they do is illegal.

"The idea that the
tolerance advocated by the groups being targeted would be treated as a
menace to American security demonstrates a disregard for civil
liberties and a disdain for democracy itself. " - ACLU

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