Awash In An Artful Ocean of Plastic

Awash In An Artful Ocean of Plastic

Abby Zimet

The tabs on your o.j. carton, the stickers on your bananas and CDs,
the bags around your newspaper can all go to art, and saving the
planet, as part of the InternationalPlastic Quilt Project . The
Oregon-based Leave No Plastic Behind, an environmental art group, is
seeking people to make 12-inch quilt squares and, if you can handle it,
enter a three-month plastic-free challenge to raise awareness of how
much plastic you use but don't see. Details here. Blogs by artists who describe what they've learned here.

"Oh the places you'll go! Plastic travel has a sickening romantic
feel as I imagine the personified plastic bits jet setting around the
globe... As for waste reduction - that, of course, is ongoing. Once you
to reduce the unecessary and the convenient, there is still the
unavoidable. It is there wherein lie the truly difficult changes -
the changes we must make not just as individuals, but as a culture." 

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