An Army of Grannies

An Army of Grannies

Abby Zimet

With tens of thousands of newly orphaned children added to the estimated 300,000-plus orphans in Haiti, U.S. legislators are working
to expedite already approved adoptions and possibly streamline new
adoptions, and this is all well and good. But adoption experts also
warn against rushing to take huge numbers of already traumatized
children out of their communities, especially before attempts have been
made to locate relatives. Dr. Jane Aronson, who founded Worldwide
Orphans Foundation, is working to conscript "an army of grannies" -
Haitian women paid to care for the children. To donate to the project
go here, or to donate to the Joint Council on International Children Services in Haiti, go here.

"This is not a time for adopting orphan children in droves. (The answer) is to care for the children where they are,
and allow them to find their aunts, their uncles, their grandparents,
their cousins."


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