The Deepest Pockets

The Deepest Pockets

Abby Zimet

In the wake of last week's disastrous Supreme Court ruling, 41 business leaders have sent letters
to Congress  urging them to endorse the Fair Elections Now Act as the
best way to save the political system from corporate takeover.
Organized by a coalition of consumer advocacy groups, the letters
charge "the current political fundraising system is already broken" and
the ruling will only increase spending by "the deepest pocketed
political interests."

"Is there a difference between campaign contributions and bribery?" said Alan Hassenfeld of Hasbro, Inc., who co-signed the letter, in an interview. "It
is long past the time to stop requiring that our elected officials
moonlight as telemarketers raising money for their re-election
campaigns rather then devoting their time to solving the problems
before this nation."

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