Shooting Civilians? No Apparent Problem.

Shooting Civilians? No Apparent Problem.

Abby Zimet

Evidently because Blackwater did such a bang-up job in Iraq, the
military is increasingly using private security contractors in
Afghanistan, says a new report,
with the number of armed contractors skyrocketing 236% during Obama's
first nine months in office, and doubling in the last four months.
Unlike the majority of an estimated 100,000 private contractors there,
many of whom are Afghan nationals, armed contractors take part in combat – even though their lack of oversight is well-documented and their past excesses, in a classic bit of bureaucratese understatement,  "may have undermined U.S. counterinsurgency efforts."

"Many analysts believe that armed security contractors are taking
part in combat operations, arguing in part that international law makes
no distinction between the offensive or defensive nature of
participation in combat." - report by the Congressional Research Service.

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