All Further Articles for 2010-01-21

Thursday, January 21, 2010
Plug and Play: Voilà
Inspiring video shows the remarkable Doctors Without Borders creating their inflatable "plug and play" hospital in Haiti. People worked through the night to set up nine tents with their own generators and sanitation equipment; they hope to start treating patients Friday.
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Scott Brown Leads A Second Revolution, Sort Of, Albeit With Typos
ThinkProgress notes that supporters at Scott Brown's implausible victory party waved a tea party movement flag that means "Revolution...Round 2!" Its designer Jeff McQueen, in a post on his website, calls for splitting up America, which at this point - despite his many typos, spelling errors, and apparent inability to distinguish the Civil War from the American Revolution - might not be a bad idea. "We are now as divided as America was in the 1860s. When two people find they can no longer communicate, while living under the same roof, they often split apart and go there (sic) seperate (sic) ways."
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Clarity = Kucinich
In the wake of the Massachusetts debacle, Rep. Dennis Kucinich slammed Democrats for betraying their principles and caving to "more entrenched than ever" special interests. He said "there's nothing liberal" about what they've done on bank bailouts, health reform, the environment and pretty much anything else that matters. "Every area of the economy is still about taking wealth from the great mass of people and putting it into the hands of a few...You ask the banks to reform banking? Put in the insurance companies to reform insurance? Call in nuclear to reform energy policies? Are you kidding me?"
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Shooting Civilians? No Apparent Problem.
Evidently because Blackwater did such a bang-up job in Iraq, the military is increasingly using private security contractors in Afghanistan, says a new report, with the number of armed contractors skyrocketing 236%, and doubling in the last four months. Many are said to be taking part in combat – even though, in a classic bit of bureaucratese understatement, their past excesses "may have undermined U.S. counterinsurgency efforts." "Many analysts believe that armed security contractors are taking part in combat operations, arguing in part that international law makes no distinction between the offensive or defensive nature of participation in combat."
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Wednesday, January 20, 2010
Loudly Saying What Is Just and Right
From The Guardian, the nightmare saga of U.K. resident and lawyer Omar Deghayes, who kept fighting back through almost six years in first Bagram, then Guantanamo. He was never charged with or convicted of anything. "There's a Muslim [God] ­behind things, there's a hereafter, our patience and hardships will be ­rewarded and the pain has to end sometime. Our religion teaches these things - the good always prevails and the bad is only temporary."
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Look Who Believes In Equality Now
Cindy McCain has joined the NOH8 campaign in support of marriage equality . That's cool, though speaking up before Prop. 8 passed would have been cooler.
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House Liberals To Pelosi: “We Cannot Support The Senate Bill. Period.”
In a private meeting in the Capitol [early this evening], a dozen or more House liberals bluntly told Nancy Pelosi that there was no chance that they would vote to pass the Senate bill in its current form — making it all but certain that House Dems won’t opt for this approach, a top House liberal tells me.
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