Incomprehensible, Again

Incomprehensible, Again

Abby Zimet

Yet another Doctors Without Borders plane
loaded with medical supplies was turned away from the U.S.-controlled
Port-au Prince airport, making a total of five planes that could have
saved lives getting diverted for unknown reasons. One has to believe:
It couldn't be malfeasance, but is such sheer incompetence possible?
U.S. military restrictions, along with the chaos, are said to be
preventing water and other aid from getting through. To urge Congress
to allow more airdrops, go here.

"We have had five patients in Martissant health center die for lack of
the medical supplies that this plane was carrying," said Loris de
Filippi of the MSF. "I have never seen anything like this. Today, there are 12 people who need lifesaving amputations
at Choscal Hospital. We were forced to buy a saw in the market to
continue amputations. We are running against time here."

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