Faith Comes by Water, Food and Medical Care

Faith Comes by Water, Food and Medical Care

Abby Zimet

Response to the tragedy in Haiti has ranged from despicable - Pat
Robertson - to inspiring - the millions of people who have sent
donations, groups like Doctors Without Borders and Partners for Health
who have labored without end. Then we have Faith Comes By Hearing, a
U.S. evangelical group that is "providing faith, hope and love through
God's Word in audio" - specifically, by sending 600 solar-powered audio
called Proclaimers. Perhaps the victims can listen to them while
reclining on the spare sun loungers and beach furniture reportedly
being sent
by that U.S. cruise company still bringing tourists to nearby beaches.
Who would have thought there'd be room in the Haiti disaster for

"Haitians will need that long-term hope and comfort that comes from
knowing God has not forgotten them through this tragedy." - Jon Wilke,
ministry spokesperson

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