The Atheist Camel and Other Inventive Resources for the Rapture-Minded

The Atheist Camel and Other Inventive Resources for the Rapture-Minded

Abby Zimet

Hokay. Thinking you'll be raised up to Heaven any day now to meet
your Maker? Worried about leaving hapless Fido alone to face the
Tribulations, rumored to be no walk in the godless park? (Ecclesiastes
3:21: "The spirit of man goeth upward, and the spirit
of the beast goeth downward to the earth.") Now Eternal Earth-Bound
Pets, a network of committed animal activists and atheists, will adopt
your pet for a mere mortal $110 if you are
within the next 10 years - or, as they put it, "we will step in when
you step up to Jesus." No joke. No hoax. So help us God. Or whatever.

"We're saying in very clear language
that we do not believe, but if we're wrong, and you're right, then
we're here."


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