Over the Wall and Through the Checkpoints

Over the Wall and Through the Checkpoints

Abby Zimet


Flying Protester Photo: Ahmad Mesleh/TDN

A new online collective effort, The Daily Nuisance,
launches today from the Middle East featuring Israeli and Palestinian
journalists, videographers and activists. Hoping to counter mainstream
"regurgitated narratives" about Israel and the Occupied Territories, the idea is to offer in-depth, on-the-ground, independent reports of daily life.

"(We want to tell)
the real
stories of a place that isn't long ago or that far away, where violence
and apartheid are being used to impose an ever expanding ethnocracy. We
bypass the myths of eternal homelands and universal dreams of singing
Kumbaya under an American rainbow from the Wailing Wall to the Al-Aqsa
Mosque, exploring the facts of a place where the difference in the
color of your skin or your ID can be one of life and death."

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