The Definitive Guantanamo

The Definitive Guantanamo

Abby Zimet

The intrepid Andy Worthington has published an update
on his four-year project to record the stories of all 779 prisoners
ever held at Guantanamo - at least 93 percent of whom, he notes, were
completely innocent, seized as a result of dubious intelligence, or
part of an inter-Muslim civil war unrelated to terrorism. Especially in
the wake of the Christmas plane bomb scare and the resulting
scaremongering, he adds, his goal is the same: to close Gitmo.

It is my hope that this project will provide an
invaluable research tool for those seeking to understand how it came to
pass that the government of the United States turned its back on
domestic and international law, establishing torture as official US
policy, and holding men without charge or trial neither as prisoners of
war, protected by the Geneva Conventions, nor as criminal suspects to
be put forward for trial in a federal court, but as "illegal enemy

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