All Further Articles for 2010-01-05

Tuesday, January 5, 2010
Over the Wall and Through the Checkpoints
A new collective website, The Daily Nuisance , launches today from the Middle East featuring Palestinian and Israeli journalists, videographers and activists. Hoping to counter mainstream "regurgitated narratives" about Israel and the Occupied Territories, they hope to offer in-depth, on-the-ground reports of daily life. "(We want to tell) the real stories of a place where violence and apartheid are being used to impose an ever expanding ethnocracy. We bypass the myths of eternal homelands...exploring the facts of a place where the difference in the color of your skin or your ID can be one of life and death."
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If You Can’t Keep The Small Promises…
One of Obama’s most repeated promises on the issue of health care was that he would put all the negotiations on C-SPAN. Clearly this has not happened, but with the final negotiations now taking place to merge House and Senate bills, the chief executive of C-SPAN has requested that at least this final round of negotiations be broadcast on his network. If we are not going to hold elected officials accountable for their big promises that might be beyond their control, or for the small promises on which they could easily deliver, what is the point?
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Hell Freezes Over
When he was hospitalized for chest pains in Hawaii, blowhard Rush "Mao" Limbaugh loved the care he got - thanks to the closest thing this country has to socialized medicine. A gleeful SEIU notes that Hawaii has progressive health care benefits that largely exceed those proposed by the Senate reform bill, and one of the highest numbers of union nurses and other workers in any state. "I don't think there is one thing wrong with the American health care system. It is working just fine, just dandy." - Limbaugh, after enjoying commie health care in Hawaii and smoking a cigar just like fellow-traveller Fidel Castro.
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The Definitive Guantanamo
The intrepid Andy Worthington has published an update on his four-year project to record the stories of all 779 prisoners ever held at Guantanamo - at least 93 percent of whom, he notes, were completely innocent, seized as a result of dubious intelligence, or part of an inter-Muslim civil war unrelated to terrorism. Especially in the wake of the Christmas plane bomb scare and the resulting scaremongering, his goal is the same: to close Gitmo. "It is my hope that this project will (explain) how it came to pass that the government of the United States turned its back on domestic and international law, establishing torture as official US policy, and holding men without charge or 'illegal enemy combatants.'"
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Community Service Already Served
On Monday, eleven Greenpeace activists appeared in court to enter a plea and be sentenced for the protest at Mount Rushmore last July. The activists pleaded guilty to the charge of Climbing Mount Rushmore, and received a fine of $460 each in addition to 50-100 hours of community service. One might argue that these brave, young activists have already done more than most to serve the community at large. Wouldn't it be nice to have all our so-called leaders brought before a judge and asked to enter pleas regarding their continued inaction on climate change?
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Monday, January 4, 2010
Unconscionability, Thy Name Is Bank of America
Following the lead of Ann Minch, who launched a "debtors' revolt" via YouTube, California attorney Ben Pavone told Bank of America he refuses to pay his credit card debt until the bank lowers his interest rate - and if they don't, he'll sue. His novel idea: Banks have "some kind of obligation to not totally extort the public." "I am anxious to point out (in court) that you 'had' to cut my credit limit at the same time you were borrowing billions from the federal government and paid your executive bonuses in full."
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