Yet Another Reason to Boycott Whole Foods

Yet Another Reason to Boycott Whole Foods

Craig Brown

A Boycott Whole Foods movement was launched after John Mackey, CEO and co-founder of Whole Foods wrote an op-ed in the
Wall Street Journal on August 12, 2009 quoting Margaret Thatcher and
suggesting that healthcare is a commodity that only the rich, like him,

Now, Mackey has once again revealed his rightwing politics. In a just published profile in The New Yorker, Mackey takes on global warming:

“One of the books on the list was “Heaven and Earth: Global Warming—the Missing Science,” a skeptical take on climate change. Mackey told me that he agrees with the book’s assertion that, as he put it, “no scientific consensus exists” regarding the causes of climate change; he added, with a candor you could call bold or reckless, that it would be a pity to allow “hysteria about global warming” to cause us “to raise taxes and increase regulation, and in turn lower our standard of living and lead to an increase in poverty.” One would imagine that, on this score, many of his customers, to say nothing of most climate scientists, might disagree. He also said, “Historically, prosperity tends to correlate to warmer temperatures.” 


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