Crass Doesnt Even Begin to Cover It

Crass Doesnt Even Begin to Cover It

Abby Zimet

Exceeding their own opportunistic, hyperbolic, fear-mongering, logic-leaping skills, Republicans are trying to cash in
on the latest bomb-in-the-underwear scare with a fund-raising letter
asking us to give them money to make everything okay again. They charge
Democrats have "jammed a healthcare bill down the throats of the
American people, are "using your tax dollars to pay for abortions," and
are in general doing scary things that will kill us all faster than
bombs in underwear unless we return them to power, because they did
such a great job last time.

"(Obama) has showed a remarkable lack of understanding
of the threat America faced...Now more than ever we need a check in the Senate to stop the radical
Obama agenda down until we elect a Republican President in 2012."

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