All Further Articles for 2009-12-16

Wednesday, December 16, 2009
Gibbs Lashes Back At Dean, Suggests He's Irrational
On Wednesday, White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs strongly hit back at former DNC Chairman Howard Dean for criticizing the Senate health care bill, suggesting, at one point, that Dean was being irrational and didn't understand the contents of the legislation.
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$75 and a Bus Ticket
Donald Gates spent the last 28 years in prison, convicted of a rape and murder he said he didn't commit. Yesterday, he was released from jail by the same judge who originally sentenced him to 20 years to life, as new DNA evidence pointed to a different man. Gates is now 58 years old, and for his three lost decades the government gave him some winter clothes, $75, and a bus ticket to Ohio. He had to pay his $35 cab fare to get from jail to the bus station. More...
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Senate Health Care Legislation: Making Your Insurance Worse – By Design
The sole defense of this massive corporate giveaway, formally known as the Senate health care reform bill, is that it would still do some “good,” helping millions of the uninsured. Unfortunately, the bill would dramatically worsen the quality of current insurance coverage for tens of millions Americans, thanks to the new excise tax on insurance plans. For complete story, visit FireDogLake
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Uniform Dissent
News from the vast and diverse world of military bloggers, many of whom have chosen to go silent today in solidarity with C.J. Grisham of A Soldier's Perspective , whose blunt take on issues including PTSD have irked military higher-ups. In the name of free online speech, blogs from This Ain't Hell to Drunken Wisdom to You Served to Knee Deep in the Hooah! have temporarily shut down. More here.
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Chamber: Who Needs Health Care When You Can Go to Hooters?
God bless the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, which continues to demonstrate a remarkable sense of priorities. As part of its effort to generate "grassroots" pressure against health reform, the Chamber is now offering $150 gift cards to Hooters in exchange for getting emails explaining how to protect your family with "common sense solutions to the health-care debate." Spirit of sleazebag enterprise, we salute you. Never thought you could go so low.
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