Blunt Truths, Silver Slivers

Blunt Truths, Silver Slivers

Abby Zimet

Modest Silver Lining Dept: In a sign of the desperate disappointment
that Obama's decision on Afghanistan sparked in so many progressives,
Glenn Greenwald struggles mightily to come up with the good news: at
least Obama was straightforward
about U.S. motives there. We are not trying to liberate, uplift or
otherwise do good; we are there to serve our own interests, as defined
by the generals. Now we know where we stand: No moralizing,
chest-beating, nation-building here, just watching out for our own. For
many, it's cold comfort, and just plain not enough.

"Obama's approach... slays the pervasive, preening 'liberal
hawk' fantasy that we invade and bomb other countries in order to help

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