Lots Coal We Of Have!

Lots Coal We Of Have!

Abby Zimet

Propagandizing sooner rather than later, a front
group for the coal industry last week wrapped up its first "Let's Learn
About Coal" class in a West Virginia elementary school. Presented by
the Ladies Auxiliary of the so-called Friends of Coal, the campaign
teaches kids the importance of coal, visits kids in hospitals to give
out the "special present" of a stuffed puppy named Mr. Coal - who kills
24,000 Americans a year - and distributes coloring books with
explanatory pictures, scrambled word games and messages like "Coal
Gives Us Power We Can All Depend On!" and "It's The Most Plentiful Fuel
We have!" and "Coal Mining Provides Jobs for Lots of People!" For more
on Friends of Coal, go here. For a somewhat more objective view of Mr. Coal, go here.

"Than coal other cheaper is fuels!" - a word game in the Friends of Coal coloring book.

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