Trying To Stem the Tide

Trying To Stem the Tide

Abby Zimet

Entirely understandably, Arab-Americans are already on the defensive
in the wake of the Fort Hood shootings by a devout Muslim. Expecting a
racist backlash that no doubt is zealously forming all across the right
fringes of the country, the Association of Patriotic Arab Americans in
the Military, formed after 9/11, has issued a statement. It states the obvious. It probably won't help.

In the
aftermath of this terrible tragedy, it is more important than ever that we not
make the same scapegoating and broad stroke mistakes that were evident in the
aftermath of previous tragedies. The Association of Patriotic Arab Americans in
Military urges the media, government officials and all of our fellow Americans
to recognize that the actions of Hasan are those of a deranged gunman, and are
in no way representative of the wider Arab American or American Muslim

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