Patriots Unbound

Abby Zimet

the air of violence abroad in the land, it's hard to know how to
respond to the angry freak show that was yesterday's "Superbowl of
Freedom." The collection of right-wingers, racists, anti-Semites and
name-callers seemed full of an inchoate rage, though at what? Obama,
Pelosi, Mao, Nazis, Woodstock, the media, Jeremiah Wright, pro-choice
forces, the cultural train that left the station decades ago without
them, the modest, seemingly sensible notion that people in this country
deserve health care – take your pick.

The level of lunatic
vitriol, it seems, gets less laughable as it rises. The crazinesss is
one thing; the ugliness, another. Obama as Sambo, Pelosi as damned, the
Rothschilds, still, as the great conspirators, the government as "evil"
because it wants to help those who need help, "National Socialist
Health Care" as "Dachau Germany 1945," complete with photos of
mountains of death camp corpses – what does one do with such poison dreams?

have always been crazies and haters, and there probably always will be.
What seems noteworthy here is the willingness of Republicans to take up
their lunatic cries and causes, with no disavowals in sight.
This is not the airing of political differences; this is mob speak. From the podium, Rep.
Paul Broun (R-GA) called health care "this rotten stinking fish," part
of Pelosi's "steamroller of
socialism!" House Minority Leader John Boehner called it "the
greatest threat to freedom" he's ever seen. Last week, North Carolina nutcase Virginia Foxx said, "We have more to fear from (the health care bill) than we do from any terrorist." WTF?? What planet do these people live on, and who elected them? Michelle Bachmann is
wrong: There is, in fact, one thing scarier than "freedom-loving
Americans" like the tea party gang gathered yesterday. It's supposedly
mainstream politicians joining their fevered ranks.

For more from David Corn on the Republican collaboration with wingnuttery, go here


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