Chamber: Caught Between A Rock and a Yes Man

Chamber: Caught Between A Rock and a Yes Man

Abby Zimet

At the Yes Men's Halloween event in San Francisco, Survivaball-ensconced Chevron executives are attacked by climate-change walking dead. Organizers note that the Chamber of Commerce, under ordinary circumstances defenders of Chevron, are "nowhere to be found."

The Chamber of Commerce - which is losing members faster than Arctic
ice caps are melting and suing the Yes Men for pretending they care
about such things - now says it supports
climate change legislation, sort of. In a letter sent to Senate
leaders, it calls for "a different approach" that includes so many
contradictory elements - renewable energy, nuclear power, protecting
major emitters, ending the Clean Air Act, avoiding trade inequalities
and becoming the "Saudi Arabia of clean coal" - that it sounds like
something the Yes Men would conjure up, which it might yet prove to be, though at this point the bizarre waffling act seems legit.


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