The Cops Don't Need You

The Cops Don't Need You

Abby Zimet


Ernestina Valdez Mondragon.
AP Photo

In Dallas, where Latinos make up 44 percent of the city's million residents, police have issued at least 39 citations to drivers for the non-existent infraction of being "a non-English-speaking driver." The latest perpetrator is Ernestina Mondragon, who got ticketed by a rookie cop after she made an improper U-turn while taking her daughter to school, and was then able to summon only the criminally few English phrases she knows. Mondragon was so upset her family took her to the E.R. Police are investigating. 

"I felt humiliated," Mondragon said in Spanish. "I wanted to cry but I couldn't. The anger wouldn't let me."

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