All Further Articles for 2009-10-28

Wednesday, October 28, 2009
Oh God You People Leave Us Alone
From the U.K.'s Guardian, a heartbreaking, extended video by photojournalist Sean Smith, who spent a month embedded with American forces in Afghanistan. The old man's face, the women shrieking, the soldiers weary, angry and uncomprehending - what else needs to be said about the U.S. venture there? "My fucking town wouldn't stand for that shit. They'd be, like, fuck you. Dead." - an American soldier frustrated by villagers' fear of the Taliban.
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Tea Partiers Against Treason, Also Punks and Brown-Skinned People
With an immigration reform bill due this week, right-wing forces are gearing up, flooding Twitter and organizing Tea Parties Against Amnesty in preparation for a "backlash wave of anger," at least among white people who think Obama was born in Kenya and should go back there. Americans for Legal Immigration PAC (ALIPAC) oppose Comprehensive Amnesty legislation expected to be filed Friday by Congressman Luis Gutierrez (D-Ill.), even though they haven't seen it yet. "Make my day punk!" said William Gheen of ALIPAC. "Gutierrez and his fellow traitors in Washington know they are running out of time...Americans oppose what they are trying to do and many consider it Treason."
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They Really Know How To Pick 'Em
House Republicans have hired a new foreign policy adviser on Afghanistan: Oliver North, Iran-Contra scandal mastermind, best-selling author, commentator on Fox News and felon. His mission is to offer insight on Afghanistan, where he wants to send many thousands more troops. "Col. North is someone who enjoys the very broad respect of the House Republican Conference." - Chairman Mike Pence of Indiana.
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Betrayal Joe
Now that 73% of Americans are saying they want a strong public option, it's no wonder Joe "I Have No Principles Whatsoever" Lieberman is announcing he might filibuster health care reform because nobody wants it. This is a guy whose state is chock-full of insurance companies that have given him at least a million dollars - and who has made a career out of back-stabbing the party he used to say he belonged to. More from Maddow and Olbermann here . A look back at 15 earlier Lieberman betrayals here .
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