You Can Do It! After All, He Did! Sort Of!

You Can Do It! After All, He Did! Sort Of!

Abby Zimet

Perky was the theme of the day at a "Get Motivated!" seminar in Fort
Worth, where George Bush made some stupid jokes and told some banal
stories, thereby making
an estimated $100,000 - or $3,571 a minute. Most everyone agreed Bush
wasn't the best speaker but he told a great story about his dog Barney
and scooping his poop, Barney's, that is, thus proving a. "he is just a
normal guy!" and b. what a great country this is. 

Chris Clarke, 25, a Dallas salesman, said Bush's bumbling speech
made him seem "incompetent as president. But here it can be inspiring.
It makes him seem like a regular guy, no better than me."

Lining up to listen: The crowd at the "GET MOTIVATED!" seminar at the Fort Worth Convention Center gave a warm welcome to former president George W. Bush.

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