Burning In Hell

Burning In Hell

Abby Zimet

From Operation Rescue's Randall Terry and the so-called Christian
News Wire: A new contest to make the best Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid
'Burn in Hell' video "for putting child-killing in health care."
Instructions, rules, prizes. Once again: These people are crazy, these
people are dangerous. More here.

"Legal Mumbo Jumbo: Obey local
laws on open flames; be careful; if under 18, do not burn Nancy Pelosi
in effigy unless your mom or dad is with you, and gives you
permission... do not burn small animals; do not burn large animals; do
burn anyone from PETA.... this is not a threat to Nancy
Pelosi's or Harry Reid's person...it is a prophetic witness of what
awaits them when they die if they do not repent for this horrific sin."

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