If They Want To, They Can Still Kill Us

If They Want To, They Can Still Kill Us

Abby Zimet

Today, funerals are reportedly being held all through Baghdad. Going
back to work and seeing the empty offices of those killed the day
before, says one woman, feels like a funeral. The pictures from
Sunday's suicide blasts remind the rest of us how impossible it is to
imagine the pain and grief and anger so many Iraqis have endured. We
are guilty, if only by silence, of unleashing this upon them. The least
we can do is look, and listen. A few of their stories are here and here; to help some of the largely overlooked, four million refugees we have created, go here.

"Today I feel the same as every other day. I am worried about the
security situation, but I continue doing my job, I continue taking my
children to school, I continue living." - Nadhal Nuree, 50, engineer.

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