Pork Rules (Still)

Abby Zimet

Despite public outrage over bailouts and bonuses and hard times all
around, Congress' $410 billion Appropriations Bill was awash in
pork-barrel spending, says Citizens Against Government Waste (CAGW).
The watchdog group's 2009 Congressional Pig Book finds 10,160
questionable projects costing $19.6 billion, with Alaska topping the
list. Projects range from $1.8 million for swine odor research to,
within a defense budget that jumped 53.5 percent,   $6,430,414,000 for
142 anonymous projects and $465,000,000 for an F-136 engine deemed "not
necessary and not affordable." Details here. Other CAGW actions here.

On $4,545,000 for "wood utilization research" that has cost
taxpayers $95.3 million since 1985: "One would think that after 24
years of research all the purposes for one of the world's most basic
construction materials would have been discovered."


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